Translation expertise and experience
Our translation expertise and experience covers many areas including economics, marketing, law, technology, transport, information technology, horticulture, tourism and literature.
SVIN can translate your business correspondence, brochures, manuals, and contracts – and much more.

Language combinations
Contact us if you need a (certified) translation into or out of Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Swedish, English and German.

Quality guarantee
SVIN operates according to the ‘native-speaker principle’ in order to ensure the highest possible quality. The native-speaker principle means that our translators translate texts into their mother tongue. An additional check is then carried out on each assignment, thus guaranteeing the quality of the translation. All (sworn) translators in the SVIN network have academic or professional qualifications and experience.

With today’s advanced technologies, distance is hardly a problem. We can deliver your translation by e-mail, fax, post and/or courier.