About SVIN

The Scandinavian Translation and Information Bureau Netherlands (SVIN; Scandinavisch Vertaal- en Informatiebureau Nederland) was founded in 1982 and is the oldest specialised translation agency in the Netherlands for the Nordic languages. Over the years, SVIN has grown into a professional organisation offering expertise in all aspects of the Scandinavian countries.

An international network
SVIN employs a wide range of specialists and experts and can also draw on an extensive network of translators, teachers and advisors, both at home and abroad.

SVIN can provide:
translations (also certified translations)
interpreters and guides
language courses
cultural activities
information and advice

More information
For more information and to place an order, please contact:
Scandinavian Translation and Information Bureau Netherlands (SVIN)
Viaductstraat 3-20
NL – 9725 BG Groningen
tel.+31 (0)50 312 25 16
e-mail: info@svin.nl