10. The translation trade 10 years on

10. The translation trade 10 years on


In this Scandinavian Newsletter we have examined the situation ten years on - not only in the Netherlands but also in a number of other European countries.; We have spoken to publishers, literary agents, booksellers and trasnlators and asked them what has changed over the last ten years, and what could have caused it. We can already reveal that the current picture is very positive - literature from Scandinavia not only appeals to publishers now, but also to readers.

The articles regarding this particular issue:

Translating Tomas Tranströmer: some notes
Caj Westerberg

Scandinavian literature abroad, a b(l)ooming business?
Petra Broomans & Janke Klok

Selling literature
Petra Broomans & Adriaan van der Hoeven

Scandinavian literature in German translation
Gabriele Haefs

Mor for love than money: literary translation from Swedish into English
Sarah Death

Translating in the Czech Republic
Jarka Vrbova

Mirran - from translator to publisher
Paula Stevens

The fishpond: Dutch publishers and Scandinavian literature
Paula Stevens

Wassmo's summer: Scandinavian literature in Dutch bookstores
Paula Stevens

Between porn and psychological novel: the reception of Anna-Leena Härkönen's Aquarium love in Finland and the Netherlands
Maarten Tengbergen

A translator at work: translator in cyberspace
Julia Harvey

The name as pseudonym: on narcissm, marginality and translating Finnish books
Stefan Moster

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