11. Literature and Images

11. Literature and Images


Literature and images: that is the theme we have chosen for this 11th issue of the Scandinavian newsletter. In a wideranging selection of articles we examine the relationship between text and image in different contexts. We examine text and image in a literal sense in four articles on Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish comic strips and the tradition in which they are placed.

The articles regarding this particular issue:

The Danish comic-strip tradition: a century of Danish comics
Anders Hjorth-Jørgersen

The world of the Moomins: a synergy of text and image
Cora Polet

Epic images: Kristian Huitula's comic-book adaption of the Kalevala
Adriaan van der Hoeven

From peasant romance to really grubby girls: the Norwegian comic strip today
Berit Petersheim

From the Phantom to Rocky: the development of the comic strip in Sweden
Mattijs Warbroek

Longing, silence and freedom: a farewel to Ibsen - almost
Janke Klok

Lars Norén: 25 years on the Dutch stage: a shifting image?
Karel Hupperetz

'The essence is not in the dialogue': the Finnish playwright and director Juha Lehtola on theatre and images
Adriaan van der Hoeven

Festen: every translation has a secret: the pitfalls of pivot subtitling
Ingrid Hilwerda

Modern cinema in Sweden: reluctant heirs of Ingmar Bergman
Petra Broomans

Between self-immortalisation and self-destruction: on Claus Beck-Nielsen (1963-2001)
Henk van der Liet

The desire and the mystery: an exhibition on image and imagination in book form
Janke Klok

Crocodiles, Goblins and other good folk: a conversation with author and illustrator Søren Jessen
Anders Bay

The wonder of colour: art and the self-image of Norway in 2005
Janke Klok

Olympian bard or poet laureate?: the Dutch reception of Johan Ludvig Runeberg (1804-1877)
Petra Broomans

The visit of Per Olov Enquist: the reception of a Scandinavian author in the Netherlands
Kim Liebrand

The pathology of a discussion
Leena Krohn

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