12. Literature & Polemics

12. Literature & Polemics


This issue of Scandinavian Newsletter is about literature and polemics, literature and debate, poetics and polemics, or if you want to put it another way, about inflammable topics discussed in litterature - discussions on various literary and social themes such as values, both moral and other, politics, including sexual politics, language and identity, women's emancipation, religion and censorship.

The articles regarding this particular issue:

'The modern breakthrough' brought up for discussion
Sara Tanderup

An inflammable debate: linguistic identity and political preferences in wartime Norway Roald van Elswijk

Friction between fact and fiction: Alexander Ahndoril's search for the boundaries of literary freedom
Marije Boks

A city of melancholic dreams: Aki Kaurismäki's perspective on Finnish society
Jarmo Valkola

The debate on the Norwegian literary canon: books on the agenda
Janke Klok

The black book of Lars Norén
Petra Broomans

Crossovers in contemporary Icelandic literature
Dagný Kristjánsdóttir

Finland: publishing world in crisis?
Janna Kantola

The imperfect human: memoirs of a voyeur
Daša Zidar

Greenland. Powerful and powerless: on politics, glaciers and social problems
Roanne van der Voorst

Form post-modernism to the new modern literary scene in Faroese poetry: in insiders view
Kim Simonsen

The Kautokeino rebellion and the public: on a film by the Sami director Nils Gaup
Nellejet Zorgdrager

A superficial and biased Swedish literary theory: overlapping discussions
Anders Nilsson

Lost translations
Rika Lesser & Ester Jiresch

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