5. Literature and Film

5. Literature and Film


The theme of the Scandinavian Newsletter is film and literature. A large number of films released in Scandinavia and Holland are based on novels, plays or other existing literary works. In actual fact this is a hazardous venture, since the film viewers are in a position to compare the film with the book. What is the relationship between film and literature? Can the two be compared at all?

The articles regarding this particular issue:

Are books sacred? Interview with Knud Faldbakken
Paula Stevens

Blue heaven: interview with Annika Idström
Adriaan van der Hoeven

The sacred world: cultural heritage in custody
Adriaan van der Hoeven

Export of film

Time and space
Beatrice Wikström

The films which came from the cold: Scandinavian films in the Netherlands
Rob de Kam

If a film is good, you forget the book: interview with Froukje Hoekstra
Janke Klok

Knut Hamsun on the screen
Amy van Marken

The conquerors: Babette, Pelle and Regitze - international revival Danish film
Heleen Kerkhof

Children's films in Scandinavia
Harry Peters

Highlights of film history
Trond Olav Svendsen

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