6. Design

6. Design


Years before design became a trend, Scandinavian design was a concept worldwide. This is not surprising, because the Scandinavians have elevated design and styling to an art from which is applied in a great variety of fields. I recent years, Scandinavian designers have broken new ground, developing new fields such as the ecological aspects. All the more reason to pay extensive attention to design in this sixth issue of the Scandinavian Newsletter.

The articles regarding this particular issue:

Why desgin?
An answer bij Jan Michl, art historian

Beauty for all. Crafts and design
Kerstin Wickman on Scandinavian and Swedish design

A bread and butter culture: Finnish design
Adriaan van der Hoeven

Design, a necessary resource: an interview with Åse Kleveland - Norwegian minister of culture
Janke Klok

A designer's adventure: the Dutch artist Albert Geertjes
Seerp Hiddema

Ecological towns: the landscape architect as an educationalist
Tove Jonstoij

A world of pretty pictures: books and design
Paula Stevens

Myths and pictures: the illustration of Finnish epic Kalevala a case history
Adriaan van der Hoeven

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