7. Between small Cultures

7. Between small Cultures


This issue of the Scandinavian newsletter is about the smaller cultures within the Scandinavian countries and the Netherlands. The central question here is how smaller cultures can survive in a larger cultural area and how they can pass on their culture to others outside. We put this question to eminent 'cultural personalities' from Denmark, Greenland, Iceland, the Faroese islands end the Netherlands. This issue furthermore contains articles about the role which theatre can play in passing on culture, and how authors from different cultures can write a book together.

The articles regarding this particular issue:

Between small cultures: a meeting with Amy van Marken
Janke Klok

Scandinavia in Europe
Henrik Wivel

Fire and frost: contradictions in Icelandic culture
Ingi Bogi Bogason

Minorities in changing Europe:

The Sami
Nellejet zorgdrager

Can a kayaker play Mozart? The culture of Greenland in the modern world
Per Langgård

Loss and survival in Faroese culture
Malan Simonsen

Frisian literature in the "new Europe"
Bouke Oldenhof

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